Development: MyBB Conversation System
MyBB Conversation System is a drop in replacement for MyBB's core Private Message (PM) system which allows users to create private conversations among themselves (with n participants in said conversations). These conversations are threaded to allow users access to an easy message history and to converse more easily.

Conversation System is still in it's infancy development wise, but you can track its development here.

Once the system reaches a semi-stable point and can be considered beta quality, it will be installed here to test too. Hopefully this will be over the next 3 or 4 days.
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I've just picked development bak up on this and it's starting to progress. It still needs a lot of work, but I hope to get a version installed here within the next week.
And here are a few screenshots of the current state of the system. I should get a version installed here by Friday hopefully so we can start breaking testing it.

[Image: BaV3yeT.png]

[Image: WQly9wJ.png]
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Can I start using it?
You can install it if you wish, but it's nowhere near ready yet. There's still some work to be done Happy
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It's going to be one of the bests plugins for MyBB ever!

Good job, Euan!
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seems pretty interesting. I don't exactly know what you're trying to go for with this plugin though? like how facebook has conversations?
Pretty much. Conversations will list all messages within them, rather than having Private Messages with hundreds of nested quotes. IPB and XenForo (and now Burning Board) have conversation systems as core rather than PMs.

Just installed this on my test board.

It looks pretty damn good but just thought I'd share my opinion. I think it'd be great if signatures were able to be toggled so you could disable them and enable them globally & also if the participants list was more adaptable if there was a large amount of users. So it is more of a table than a list, if you know what I mean & also, maybe make it optional to have avatars in the participant list?

AJAX support would be amazing because then it'd be like a proper IM, you could just stay on the page and wait for a reply. I guess this would also prevent you from replying or bumping a convo when your friends have already replied without you knowing. Grin

Other than that, I like it already & will this replace PM or just be an addon because having them both is a bit weird in my opinion. lol
I was expecting more of a design like AIM or Skype to be honest however MyBB general design kinda makes that difficult. :/

Keep it up Euan, some great plugins. You deserve some extra hands!

I attached some images for fun. :3

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Thanks for the comments Pulseeey. There's still a lot of work to be done on the plugin and several features missing, but glad it's working for you in it's current state.
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