Development: MyBB Conversation System
Yeah. They've been great with everything thus far. This was actually our first issue we really ran into them with. They just said it wasn't possible again. Sad
Sad I'll implement a fix for it then.
We got it working! Woo! \o/ It looks great and I cannot wait for it to replace the Private Message system one day. Conversations is a perfect feature that really brings the PMs on par to the other grand softwares. While we don't get alerts, or notifications we have a message waiting it does work quite well and works on a large forum.

Please let me know if you ever want to test things out on our large forum Grin
Great! Glad you managed to get it installed Happy There aren't currently any alerts as it will be using MyAlerts once I finish version 2.0.0 of that. There are quite a few other features currently missing too.
This won't ever be released, I'm pretty sure of this!
Nah, I'll be releasing it after MyAlerts 2.0.0 and the new version of SimpleLikes.
Awesome Grin

I did notice one thing. Every time somone replies to a conversation you get a new listing. So... We have dozens of conversations that are the same thing.

Edit: Yay! Simple Likes and My Alerts Grin Love those!
Ah, now that definitely shouldn't be happening, but I think I know why it is. I'll have to double check the logic in the code.
Take your time! Grin It's an awesome system.

Edit: IS there plans to allow people to add a new user to the conversation later?
Yup, that's the plan Happy There should be a sidebar in conversations showing current participants and users will be able to invite others to it.