simple Like System styling
I'm trying to style the effect for my theme, and am running into some trouble.

On function: I want it to operate the same as yours...fade in and out. On my test board a "Thanks for liking" message pops up full screen, then redirects back to the forum page.

Another struggle is the likebar styling. It calls for my tcat properties, but I'd like to change it to its own class. Is this possible?

Your theme and board looks top notch BTW...

EDIT: I figured out the buttons.
Sounds like you've got an issue with your JS for the redirect thing. What's your URL? To edit the likebar, just edit the simplelikes_likebar template Happy
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AH. Download the new copy of like_system.js and upload it:

Should fix that issue.
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That fixed the redirect! Now my button images disappeared and became html of their location...

EDIT: It's weird because if I refresh the page the buttons appear, but when I press them they become html.
Just for the like button? It uses CSS buttons so you'll want to add some CSS to style it.
Yeah...I'm not that good with css. MS Paint is about my I'm a little better than that, but not much.

EDIT: I think I know what you are saying. I could just set the background of my class as the button image, right?
Yep, that should work Happy
It was kind of funky looking, so I just styled what I wanted in one of those css button generators. lol

How do you get your likebar to appear right below the post text? Mine is popping up at the bottom and stretching the post size...
I'm having this redirect problem too and I have the latest like_system.js