1.6 Compatible: MyLast 0.3
My first approach to develop a MyBB plugin. Hope this will be helpful.


This tiny plugin will add a new link to every thread at thread tools (bottom left) for the users to jump to the last post made by him / her in a thread. This is a good way to read forward from where the user has left the thread.

The link will not be displayed for the guests.

Those who didn't post in a thread, clicking on the respective link will return them a custom error message stating they have not posted on that thread.

There is no settings for the plugin. Just activate and go ...


v.0.1: Basic Version.
v.0.2: Sanitized variables in query and little bug fix.
v.0.3: Added Jump link in Thread List, Added a language file, Fixed bug (require_once).


[Image: nTPS0a3.png]

[Image: 7TMC4YP.png]

Alternate download links:
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Great idea and congrats on your first release! Sorry for the long approval wait.
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I love it. Just added it to my Forum!
Thanks for the appreciation Grin It matters a lot.
Updated to v.0.3

In this version:

Added Jump link in Thread List (http://i.imgur.com/7TMC4YP.png)
Added a language file
Fixed bug (require_once)

Submitted to mods site for further approval.
Made a little change to get rid of those arrow icons. Now the thread legend icons are linked and clickable in threadlist if you made a post in the thread.

[Image: KOzNO2W.png]
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