MyBB Community Edition (MyBB fork)
I can't get the idea of a MyBB fork out of my head.
People here seem to have the right vision plus the know how to pull this off.
Think about it, the MyBB group is afraid of changes and now they expect everyone to wait another 2 years for the next major update? Hell no.
We have so many talented developers and even UX people (looking at you Brat) here that this seems possible to pull off.

Here just a few things off my mind this edition could have/not have:
- MyAlerts build in
- Like system build in
- PluginLibary build in
- Improved portal
- New admin and front end default theme (duh)
- no posticons, no folder icons, no thread ratings
- more templates *cough*email template*cough*
- proper attachment system
- avatar cropper
Several people have tried forking MyBB in the past and each has ended up being canned. People don't tend to realise how much effort it takes to keep it supported and to keep on top of security issues and up to date.
Obviously this would be a lot of work. Security fixes could be merged from the main branch.
I don't plan to do it alone anyway (since I lack the PHP skills), I just wanted to know if any of you guys would be up for it.
I feel like you could accomplish everything you're saying with a theme and a zip file of plugins.
Sure you can but that isn't the point though.
The point of this would be a core modernization of MyBB,
turning it into a great "out of the box" product.
If it's something that can be accomplished with minimal effort already, what's the point? IMO, the structure of MyBB is so dated that it's not worth forking right now.
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Yeah I guess you are right. Sad