Hello World!
Hi guys, I'm Sebastian, 22, from Germany. I'm a MyBB enthusiast.

Starting my own Minecraft server (2 years ago) got me into forums, before that I had no clue about HTML, CSS, JS or forum software in general.
So I started my journey with Vanilla, shortly after moved on to PhpBB which I didn't like so I went down the MyBB road.
Finally I was a little pleased but not for long, like many others I got attracted by XenForo's bells and whistles and after investing countless hours trying to achieve things I simply was lacking the know-how for, I bought myself XenForo which still is my favorite paid forum software.
The problem with it is that you need a license for each board - and I and the projects I work for, don't have that money or simply don't want to spend it each time a new project comes up...

BTW, I got fairly decent at CSS and HTML by now. Toungue
Currently I am working on a partially XenForo inspired base template which is build with Bootstrap and supposed to make skinning a bliss.

So that's also why I signed up here - since I'm putting much time into MyBB, I'd like to get to know the others and get known within the community and "MyBB Stuff" didn't only seem like one of the nicest MyBB forums ever but it seems to house the elite of MyBB community members (the people that contribute the best stuff).

Peace. Happy
Welcome to MyBB Stuff maniacmusic. Great to have somebody else interested in pushing MyBB forward rather than just making do with what we've got.
Thank you euan. Happy
welcome to mybbstuff bud =)
Thanks guys. Happy
Hi and welcome