This Summer....
... I am planning to update all my plugins that have not been shown much love recently (MyStatus, MyXBL, Userpages...). I'd like to take this opportunity to ask for suggestions of updates you wish to see in existing plugins I've made and suggestions of new plugins you'd like to see built.
Not a lot of replies here Toungue

I think - that what a lot of people really want (and I think on big boards more than smaller communities) is a way to have reporting on the forum activity customised.

What I think would be a very popular addon is a "page" per user where all the activity between a user and a set of friends can be presented.

Statuses - not just mine, but the people I chat to on the board (will use "friends" or "group" for now)
Posts/Threads - what my friends have been up to - latest threads, latest posts
Fave forums - let me pick which forums I care about seeing new stuff in and let me see the threads/last poster from that forum on my page.
Conversations - just for me and my friends
Awards - has anyone in my group got an award? Let me know that - if I don't have it make it taunt me Toungue
Latest PMs - with a preview of the PM contents - click it to expand - reply from there as well.

I know that all this is already in MyBB - subscribed posts, forums - or is a plugin - awards, mystatus - but they are all over the place. Having ONE place where all the stuff I care about quickly visible to me would make that an attractive board for me to use - and since I can only reply to those interesting posts in the forum then it would not create a silo effect.

Wink That's what FollowMe aims to do in the end. It's still very early on in development/conceptualization.
Guess you don't want to hear about MyAlerts here, but I have some suggestions for it anyway... Toungue

Notification "bubble" and automatic updates of notifications, possibly optional notification sound.
I still have a lot of things I wish to improve about MyAlerts Wink I know it's still not quite up to scratch, but it's probably the best solution out there right now.
Isn't it the only solution lol?

MyAlerts was great. We used it so much at WF.
I think so, apart from the custom Nudges solution Riad uses.
It's great, just needs some final polish. Happy
i just want threaded PMs. i just want threaded PMs. i just want threaded PMs. i just want threaded PMs. i just want threaded PMs. i just want threaded PMs.
That'll also be worked on this summer Wink