Here I am!
Hi everyone!

My real name's Filippo but you probably may know me as Shade. I'm a designer and developer with passion for MyBB since 2012, the year in which I've chosen together with my Team to move from a free hosting Forum service to our own hosted board. I'm writing from Italy.

I've been spending almost 1 year and a half building my heavily customized board and in order to achieve great results I had to learn a lot of programming aspects. Thanks to MyBB and its great developer's community I've learned how to use very well PHP, Javascript and jQuery, and thanks to their help I succeeded into finding my way through the most complex Plugins. I've published a bunch of extensions (I hate calling them plugins... Grin) such as Moderation Alerts Pack, Plugins Alerts Pack and Custom Alerts for MyAlerts to extend the awesome MyAlerts by Euan. I've also written some plugins, for example Inline Success Messages, iDLChat and the upcoming MyFacebook Connect on which I'm currently working.

I wish the best for Euan and this site, hoping it will grow and become one of the best boards for both developers and MyBB users.

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Welcome to MyBB Stuff Shade Happy Glad to have you here!
Welcome to the site Shade, I'm a big fan of your work.
Thank you both Euan and Crayo Happy
Welcome Shade! Looking forward to your typically great contributions. m(_ _)m