The most useful and the most wasteful parts of MyBB
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to know your opinion, on what are the most useful parts of MyBB, and what are the most wasteful parts of MyBB.

According to me,
Useful Parts:
Easy Plugin Installation(I've heard it's a pain in phpBB?)

Wasteful Parts:
Buddy System, Away System, Who's Online Page
The buddy system and away system are both fairly useless in their current states.

Things I like:

- Easy plugin development
- Pretty simple theme/template modification
- Speed - this is a big reason I love MyBB
- Community

Things I dislike:

- Default theme
- Community - I know I listed this under positives too...
- The mods site
The most useful i follow others ,are
1. Plugin system : i was pissed with PhPBB and SMF which were my first software 4 years ago due to buggy plugin system which seemed a burden for a newbie like me.

2.Easy template system : this is by far the best i can say , in my point of view, where you can edit and implement feature you like.

The unuseful parts are

1.Buddy system : this is one of the most unused feature.

2. SEO : MyBB lacks SEO feature and hence you couldnt find many forums based on MyBB in search results.

3.Development : i cant comment but this also is a limiting feature.

4.Threaded view or Linear mode : This anyway would be history from MyBB 1.8 i think so.

5.Profile System : No one gets interest in visiting profile as its just all tables.

6. Community : I was a fan of community once , but now....i am not.
What is it that makes you hate the community now?
The good thing is that myBB remains free. Hoverer, it also means that there is space for improvements.

I would really like to see a new, fresh, and fully up to date (with the current web standards) myBB theme, a proper RTE editor, and removal of redundant UI elements and features both on the front-end (such as the forum legend, buddy system, removal of empty fields from profile, etc) and the back-end.

-Easily customisable


-Lack of necessary features
-Lack of ambition (imo)
  • Free
  • It is the platform ZB chose for XThreads
  • Easy to get started with editing and customising
  • Community

  • Low entry level can mean some low quality offerings (themes/plugins)
  • The default theme is atrocious and hides the power of the software
  • It is getting really out of date
(06-04-2013, 08:25 AM)leefish Wrote: It is getting really out of date

So true. I really hope there is some discussion about that in the staff forum or whatever it is. I realised today that without users like Euan, Shades, and Wildcard, we would have left MyBB a long time ago. Though it's quite ironic that we're most likely leaving anyway, but they more than helped delay the process.

- The admin control panel
- The ability to exploit the templates as much as possible.
- The easy to use plugin hook system
- The versatility to be edited to any extent.
- The plugins available
- The community
- Its free


- The default theme
- The SEO features
- The modifications site
- The community
- The copyright comment line. The one in 1.6.9 is too easygoing. The one in 1.6.8 was a flat legal threat and that kept most violators away IMO. I want that old copyright line back!
What SEO features are you looking for?