The most useful and the most wasteful parts of MyBB
Yeah, normally all you have to do is change the compatibility for most plugins.
(05-05-2013, 07:08 PM)brad-t Wrote: Most 1.4 plugins will work with 1.6 with a simple code change. Which plugins in particular were you wondering about?
MyBet in particular. It used MyPS, that was replaced by Newpoints of course...which is a much better point system than I had at ZB BTW.

My forum is a boxing community, and we use the points to wager our predictions of upcoming fights. MyBet would've been awesome for that! My members have brought up vBookie on multiple occasions (VB's version), so I've been trying to fulfill that request for them.
Maybe worth hiring someone to do something custom? Could be much nicer.
I considered that. We are a small community, but we have been together for close to a decade. Guys have offered to pitch in for things in the a dislike button lol

What would something like that those two mods cost?
Depends on the author and the complexity really. Base cost for decent sized plugins done right is normally around $100. Can easily get much higher with complexity though.
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(08-04-2013, 12:38 AM)euan Wrote: Meta tags by default at a minimum would be nice - along with canonicals.

Please Gawd!!!

I get a little frustrated with MyBB from time-to-time, but mostly I view it as a challenge to stretch the platform and try to think of ways to work within the very real limits we have.

My favorite things:

Plugins are fun to write and can basically do anything with a little planning.

The themes aren't so hard to alter

Free and Open Source

It has peeps like Euan and Leefish Grin

My Not-So-Favorite Things:

Sometimes the hooks are in the most useless places in reference to what you are trying to do :s

I have noticed a generally dismissive attitude from certain key members of staff that I would prefer wasn't evident. In my opinion very real concerns have been raised by members and summarily dismissed by management and that isn't cool.

all jmo
Wildcard Wrote:Sometimes the hooks are in the most useless places in reference to what you are trying to do :s

Dear god yes. This is so annoying. Especially the datahandler hooks. I've talked to several people about this too. It would be great to have a x_post_insert hook in the datahandlers to perform actions after things are inserted/updated (such as posts, PMs etc). Would make life so much easier.
Well you know how much more simple that would make my mention alerts functions . . . we can only dream for now :p
Would make all of MyAlerts 100% better.
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Everyone is replying, so I'm going to Happy

  • Speed. MyBB is the fastest board system!
  • Great themes to make your forum look good Grin
  • A high variety of useful plugins, like MyAlerts Wink
  • Friendly interface

  • Buddy list
  • Calendar
  • You can't disable 'help' section... I think it's useless, nobody checks it

And I would like if MyBB includes a "tour" to new users... how to create threads, how to reply, etc.