Development: FollowMe
FollowMe is a plugin that allows your forum users to "follow" each other and view their recent actions in a user activity feed. This is a similar idea to that of Twitter and the follow system found in XenForo.

This plugin is under active development. It is not advised that you use it on a live board.
That said, you can track development on GitHub.
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Just want to post an update on this.

I have the follow system working fully now with basic options to show users a user follows in their profile as well as their followers themselves. Now I want to add the actual social feed and some way to filter what content you see from users.
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was wondering if you're still working on this? It would be an amazing addition to my forums ^_^ if you need any help please let me know
Yes, I will be continuing work on it. I struggle for time quite often though and have to prioritise. That and I procrastinate a lot.
I'm interested in this!
I really need to pick development back up on it Toungue
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(09-04-2014, 07:08 PM)euan Wrote: I really need to pick development back up on it Toungue

Oh that would be amazing! Happy
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oh that's amazing ... what time this release? Happy
I very eager to used this plugin. Grin
I'm not sure of a release date at the minute,Mobutu I will try to finish it soon.
We appreciate you effort. We know all you are putting 100 %.