[Request] MyBB Buddy System
I think one of the most unused feature of MyBB is Buddy system , where users can add or ignore the member.
Infact it has lot of scope, which can be modified a bit so that a minimal network can be made with MyBB.

My request is can you make a system where users can add buddies into their friend's list , access friends list and send a PM according to the settings, either public or limited to friends.
A box displaying the friend's (which is already there in MyBB known as Profile Buddies ) where a list of friend's can be seen with a button to add/follow.
And this integrated with MyAlerts, would be damn hit.
I hope this could be possible,
Thanks in advance,
I will consider this as a future project Happy
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Thanks a million Happy,
You are awesome buddy,
Is the Buddy System being removed for MyBB 2.0? I hope so...
Hopefully, though I can't honestly say much Wink