Help with MyAlerts (1.04)
Hi! Today I reactivated the plugin MyAlerts after fixing the issue with the popup (auto-close), and now, I have another problem. My friends didn't know how to fix the problem, so I'm here Grin
First of all, watch the image (it's in spanish, sorry if you don't understand Blank)...

[Image: sinttulorgr.png]

Everything is messed up. Extra spaces, avatars bad ubicated, and other problems... I marked with red the problems.
Euan told me in the MyBB forums that is a problem with my template (Apart 1) and, I'm not MyBB designer or programmer, so I don't know how to fix it. Can you help me guys? I'll provide you any code you need Happy

Sorry for my bad english... remember, I have 16 Toungue
Any chance I can get details for an account? I won't have a chance to look until tomorrow though I'm afraid.
Do you mean you need an account to acces ACP? If it's, I'll provide you one, after all, you are Euan, I trust in you Happy
I fixed it already, you can close this I guess.