Hello from Québec!
Hey everyone,

My name is Brad and I'm the founder of Harajuju, a community for fans of Japanese and progressive fashion. I'm very proud of this site. I've added a lot of functionality using xThreads and design elements which I've documented in my MyBB Humanization Project. I have a new version almost ready to launch and I'll be adding more to it soon.

Euan has always been very supportive of my work so I thought I would do the same. I hope this can be a really prosperous community.
I'm a huge fan of your humanization project. Unfortunately it seems that forum software as a whole has moved too slowly in the direction of socialization and human interaction, so your efforts to improve MyBB in that regard are a breath of fresh air.
Thank you! Sadly, I'm not a developer so I am still working squarely within the confines of MyBB 1.6. Thankfully, people like Euan have made it much easier to achieve my goals.

Now about that threaded messaging ...
Hey brad, glad you signed up Happy I'm a big fan of what you're trying to do with the humanization project. I can't wait for the new version of harajuju to go live at all.
Glad you signed up dude; took your damn time Wink.
Considering my experiences, I'm hesitant about joining new MyBB sites. My membership seems like the kiss of death.
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More likely that for some reason members don't tend to stick on spin-off MyBB communities, when they're normally much better than the 'actual' one.
Problem is sites like this need to reach critical mass in order for them to be useful.

I also think people are losing faith in MyBB. Even Euan is in love with XenForo, haha.
Yeah, it's difficult to keep a site like this alive, but I have every confidence I can make it work Happy
Maybe I'll make this the exclusive home of Humanization Project going forward, if it can help support this site a bit Happy
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