Would this be possible (MyAlerts)?
One feature I like with Xenforo (don't think it's core) is that you can announce threads or miniature announcements through notifications. Not everyone goes into the announcement section and we don't always want to have some big header message to point them there, so would something like this be possible? They would get an alert saying like "Forum sections rearranged" which links to the announcement thread with more information.

How difficult would this be?
I believe Shade already has a plugin for this for MyAlerts. Not sure if it's working with 1.04, but I definitely know he has one that does what you want Happy
Really? Could you link me so I can pass it to Xanth?

Not sure whether he ever did get round to updating it for 1.04 or not Happy
The idea sounds cool but seems complicated to be implement. Can't really think of any way to implement this "nicely", do you have more information of how it does works in XF?
@Sama it's not too hard actually since I added a "forced" column to the alerts table. Just simply add a new alert and force it.
Aaand it's updated for 1.04 Happy http://community.mybb.com/thread-132164-...#pid983215