Quick Reply Form not functioning
Its most probably a problem with my new theme that I have got.

Its the Quick Reply form.
I type in the reply, press "Post Reply", but nothing happens. I then have to go to "Preview Post" and then post the reply.

The templates concerned have not been altered in any way, all are the default settings.

I suspect the AJAX feature is not working but I need a solution and the cause of the problem, if you can define.

E: The default theme does have the same aforesaid problem as well.
Can we have a link to your forum and a test account?
Which sections of the ACP do you need access to?
No, we need a test account se we can see the problem.
I assume it's this demonate forum. There's a jQuery/Prototype conflict.

Add jQuery.noConflict(); in a script tag to headerinclude
No, its not the Demonate forum.

Plus, all other prototype based scripts are working.
And jQuery noConflict mode is already defined.
I ask again, link to your forum please?
A link would most certainly be extremely helpful.
I'm not willing to post my link here, though I will gladly PM you both the links.