1.6 Compatible: MyAlerts
(18-03-2014, 12:35 PM)Febian Wrote: Hello euan,
I'm using MyFacebook Connect mods on my forum, and when user register using their Facebook Account, there is no alert option selected on Alerts Settings.

Is there a way to make all alert options selected when user register using Facebook via MyFacebook Connect?

Thanks Wink

Ah, sounds like perhaps a hook is missed when using the facebook plugin. I'll contact Shade and see if we can work out a fix. Thanks for alerting me Happy
Anyone else have myalerts stop working?
(25-08-2014, 07:11 PM)spyder Wrote: Anyone else have myalerts stop working?

As in out of the blue? That shouldn't happen. Have you made any changes recently?
Bug report: If you 'add a person' to ignore list; they're sent a notification <name> has added you to their buddy list.
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Hm. I will look into that one, thanks for reporting!
Hi ... I'm very need to this plugin for update my forum to 1.8 ... just need to this plugin and MyStatus plugin for 1.8! (I can't found mystatus plugin! this plugin not support? )
What time this plugin is updated?

Thanks a lot for work. Wink
MyAlerts is my current priority, along with SimpleLikes. I'll work on MyStatus a lot once those two are released for 1.8, which shouldn't be long Grin
Good luck. Happy
Glad to see it'd be updated to 1.8 Grin
Hey euan,
The 9 months ago, 1.8 has been released. But over 9 months , this useful plugin not release for 1.8 Sad
i very need to upgrade my forum to 1.8 and 1.6 not support.
my forum without this plugin not good.
Please help me how can i use this plugin on a 1.8 live forum?
Please Help me.
Thanks. Wink