1.6 Compatible: MyAlerts
I started it, but haven't got very far just yet. Will probably do it after I make the changes mentioned above if my suggestion makes it into the core.
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Sounds great. Happy

Having alerts enabled by default will be really nice and I think that move will reduce the total size of the settings tables.
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not work with apart themes
(03-06-2013, 07:10 PM)mostarac Wrote: not work with apart themes

We already solved that problem on the MyBB community didn't we?

Version 1.05 is now available via GitHub. This version is mostly a cosmetic version bump with a few minor changes:
  • Shade's alert forcing script is now bundled in the core at long last.
  • Enhanced $alerts->addMassAlert() function is less of a train wreck of code.
  • Better handling of multiple alerts of similar types (quoting, thread reply etc).


Version 1.05 is tagged on GitHub for direct download: https://github.com/euantorano/MyAlerts/archive/1.05.zip
Hi, I have two question:

How can I upgrade the plugin to 1.05 without losing anything?
How can I set myalerts notification default to all user?

Thanks Happy
For the first:

  1. De-activate plugin
  2. Upload new files
  3. Activate plugin

For the second, look at the MyAlerts entry in the plugins list in the ACP. If you're using the newest version, there is a link in the description to force all alerts for users.
Thanks for the reply, i try it tonight
Hi euan, I activate the plugin and came out database error
Could you post the error details?