How much would I be looking at?
How much do you reckon threaded PM's (Xenforo style conversations), a follower plugin (you follow them and get notifications when they post), a countdown plugin (set the day/time in ACP and it has an automatic count down in sidebar), and a whole new profile design would roughly cost? Am I looking at like $300+?

If we don't move away from MyBB, this would be the route I'd have to go down.
Countdown would be very easy, as would a new profile design. No more than $100 for them I'd say.

Threaded PMs are a bit more difficult, but is something I'm slowly working on with a release slated for this Summer hopefully. A follower plugin could be easy, could be difficult. Depends how much data you wish to display.

You could easily hit $300 having all these features built IMO. Saying that, much of the community would like to see threaded PMs and possibly a follower plugin so you might be able to get a community fund raising type effort going on for those plugins if you don't mind them going public.
Quite a lot of money for features so small though right? Sad
Kind of, though I wouldn't call threaded PMs small by any account. The system I'm working on is a complete drop-in replacement for the PM system which takes a while - especially if I want to allow users to still access old PMs.

This custom theme on it's own was over $200 though...
Ah, I didn't mean small in the actual complexity of the plugin, I meant small in what you really get. I mean threaded PM's should be core and should have been a while ago imo, and once again euantor comes to the rescue with that. A better profile system is something I shouldn't have to fork out a lot for, but profiles are just so irrelevant with its current awful design. I'd probably have to pay more for profile comments integrated into MyAlerts too, which also allow comments (also integrated). I'm surprised count downs and followers aren't already plugins somewhere. It just seems like $300 spent on stuff I should have for free or for much less. Though we both know I'm seriously thinking about converting so I'm not sure why I'm ranting lol.

This theme is really nice though, but $200 is still a lot of money, and money most people simply can not pay. It's quite shocking when you think I only paid $80 for our custom theme at WF.
For the profile system, there is MyNetwork. Tomm M's been very good so far in terms of MyAlerts integration. IIRC, he's definitely planning to integrate the profile comments module too once I get 1.04 stabilized.

Countdowns can be done using just JavaScript if you're lazy and don't mind editing templates for each new countdown.

But yeah, I'm surprised nobody's beaten me to some of the plugin's I'm building/planning.
Do you mean following users and getting notifications of their actions? Couldn't that be implemented in MyAlerts? Happy

Just my comment.
Issue with that is, if you follow 100 people and see all their posts, liked posts, buddylist additions, etc; that's a lot of alerts. What I think Crayo is referring to is something like what's found in XenForo:
So actually it is a global activity list on which users can decide what users/groups/forums/etc to ignore/follow? And where is the actual "following" feature? I mean, you don't receive notifications at all?

The system seems quite simple (maybe not in the code).
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Yeah, but you should only see activity from users you've specifically decided to follow. At least, that's how I understand what he wants Wink

Problem I can see code wise is working with other possible outside systems (such as a like system, profile comments etc). It's fine as a custom plugin for 1 user, but if it were to be public, it would take a lot of thought on that front. Another small issue would be keeping it as well optimized as possible, though I was thinking of doing something with an outer join or two to help on the DB side.