How much would I be looking at?
Threaded messaging.
Both Omar and I have stuff in the works for that Happy Omar said his is nearly finished, so I'm waiting to see how that turns out.
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(25-03-2013, 10:08 PM)brad-t Wrote: Very sad if you do move away from MyBB, but I can understand why. I'm mostly with MyBB for the insane flexibility and xThreads – if those aren't draws for you and money isn't an issue, it's easy to understand why you might want to leave.

Rather than paying $300 for a custom plugin I would really like to see it released for like $20-30 ... surely at least ten people would want it.

Yeah it's definitely a shame if I decide to go through with it after being an avid user of MyBB for around two years now and having success with it, but the limitations are there for everyone to see. I don't use X-Threads and it can't do what I want to do anyway feature wise, and the flexibility doesn't really benefit us much unfortunately. It's just Xenforo has everything we want and more. It's got some features that MyBB should be putting into core just to keep up; instead of relying on one support member to get them out of jail with his free releases.

Saying that, there are definite downsides to moving to Xenforo and it is a risk. Not as much as a risk as some in the past have taken when migrating because luckily my main board consists of active loyal community members instead of lots of new members posting small amounts. So whatever changes I make are instantly accepted as they care more about the community. But things like rewriting URL's, the all new backend stuff we need to get used to, and a couple of other things are quite daunting - it's scary to say the least.

And yeah I think charging $20-$30 each is better than one sale of $300 as well. Euan, imagine how much money you would have made if you made notifications a premium feature.

Oh yeah, I'm typing all this whilst I watch a designer from MyBB change my postbit around for like $30. I'm clever and stuff.
I could make a fair bit of money, it's true. But I don't want to. Some of the features I'm building are so basic that they should be available to everyone (MyAlerts) and I just don't feel happy charging for that. Though I may end up doing a premium subscription here in the future, everything's free for now.