Personal notepad - maybe a bug
I am not sure is this something related with my browser, but personal notepad looks like this, image in attachment. Happy I guess that box have to be bigger.

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Which browser are you using?
Firefox Happy
I'll have to check it later and see then.
I might have also found a bug. When I try to add my gender and location the form submits, but the data doesn't seem to be saved.
That's definitely a VERY odd one. Again, which browser are you using?

EDIT: Just remembered why. I'm using MyBB 1.6.10 from GitHub and there was a report of one of the fixes making profile fields buggy. I believe it was patched yesterday, so I'll clone the new repo.
MyBB 1.6.10 ay?
Yeah, I'm using PHP 5.4 so went with 1.6.10 so I didn't keep getting emails about errors Wink
Isn't that cheating?
Please note that you will not be able to receive support. Toungue
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It is a bit, but I don't think I should be needing support any time soon Wink
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