Like System
I've just installed my upcoming Simple Like System on this site, allowing you to "like" each others posts.

If you wish to receive notifications of new post likes, please enable the setting from your UCP.
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I like it Happy But i have one suggestion, when i click on "Like" button, then it should be "Unlike". Text to change from Like to Unlike. Everything else is great Happy
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True, good idea Grin
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You can use .lang.php files from where the strings can be edited to say "Thanks" or "Like" or anything of preference.
One more thing, change it to "liked this post" would be better. Happy
Already prefer this like system to ours. Does it have a page where you can your history of liked posts?
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Not just yet, but it will Grin
Aaand now it does. You can see content a user has liked and all likes they have received via their profile.
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Very nice add on to the site.
Thanks Stealth Happy