/me thread
* euan just went from 4GB memory to 16GB
* euan feels much happier now
* Seabody loves Laravel now.
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* Jovan wonders why? Happy
(17-01-2014, 08:58 AM)Jovan Wrote: * Jovan wonders why? Happy

* Seabody states that since he's rewriting a project again, he decided to use a framework so he didn't have to rewrite db interaction classes, rudimentary template engines, etc.
* Seabody found that in addition to easing that workload, Laravel made his life SO much easier with routes and closures, with Blade and their Auth model.
* Seabody hasn't delved into it fully yet, but in ~1 hour, he accomplished way more than in the last ~4.
* euan adores Laravel
* euan states that it speeds development up by massive amounts for him
* Seabody asks Euan a Laravel question.

* Seabody asks "if I'm using DB::Update(), is the input automatically escaped? eg DB::Update('update users set name=? where id=3', array('dave')) <- is "dave" thrown through mysql_real_escape_string() or something?"

* Seabody is confused.
* euan says yes
* euan says that it uses PDO behind the scenes and uses parameterised queries to handle the input variables
* Jovan wonders If someone ever used ctype_alpha php function? http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.ctype-alpha.php
* euan says that he hasn't as he had never heard of it
* euan would normally use RegEx to perform such a check
* Jovan says also never heard of it before.
* Jovan might try it Happy
* Jovan is suprised how there is no known good algorithm to check language string inputs in php.