/me thread
* euan doesn't, but needs the job Sad
* Jovan is not sure why.
* Jovan wonders If Euan's job as programmer isn't paid well?
* euan says it is, but he only has it for a year ten he goes back to university
* euan needs his other job for when that happens so he can afford university costs
* Seabody tells euan that pagination is broken on iPad. It displays as an indented list.

* Seabody is working on a Sublime Text plugin to prettify his code.
* Seabody unfortunately now needs to effectively relearn Python.
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* euan thanks Seabody

* euan hopes that Jason will be able to fix it at some point Happy
* Jovan wonders where Euan found ghost blogging platform?
* Jovan likes their website.
* euan heard about them a while back when they were the "in" thing
* euan quite likes it, but it still lacks several features
* Jovan never tried it.
* Jovan has some problems with internet provider.
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* euan also saw some talk about an upcoming CMS based on Laravel earlier today called "October": http://octobercms.com
* Seabody likes that.
* Seabody states it reminds him of Ghost. And also Tiny.

* Seabody links. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6UW0JY5PUs