/me thread
* euan states it's a system allowing you to follow users and seen a feed of their activity (and to be optionally notified of their activity via MyAlerts/email).
* Jovan can't wait to try FollowMe.
* Jovan wonders how feed activity will be displayed, jQuery infinite scroll perhaps?

* Jovan wonders If Euan still has a job at IT company?
* euan says possibly
* euan still has to do a lot of work/planning

* euan does, yes
* euan has the job until next September, when he goes back to university for his final year
* Jovan wonders If it's hard for Euan to work and study for university?
* euan says it's not that hard as he doesn't have too much university work
* euan is however working 7 days a week with 2 jobs - which is why this site fell into disrepair and he left the MyBB team
* Jovan says that's great then.
* Jovan remembers Euan had a job at market or something similar, before IT company.
* euan still has that job, but only at weekends
* Jovan is impressed.
* Jovan thought Euan left that job.
* euan sometimes wishes he could, but needs to keep it for his final year at university
* Jovan wonders if Euan has some contract with them?
* Jovan needs an vacation of 50 years.