/me thread
* euan says that's probably because he uses his static subdomain to serve static files and caches aggressively
* euan needs to implement some type of cache busting function
* Jovan says that would be great if Euan can do something about it.
* Jovan says theme looks pretty bad now :S
* euan tells Jovan to clear his cache and it should fix
* euan says if not, please post a screenshot of the issue
* Jovan stands on the podium!
* euan waves at Jovan!
* Jovan waves back at Euan!
* Jovan is happy to see Euan active again, here.
* euan is oping that he'll be able to keep it up
* euan has a lot of work to do to get this site back on track and to bring his plugins up to date
* Jovan wonders If there will be an update to MyAlerts?
* euan states there will be, with improved alert type management and JavaScript changes being the biggest standout features
* euan states it's mostly aimed at developers

* euan also wants to work on FollowMe and get a first version released for Christmas
* Jovan says that sounds great.
* Jovan wonders what is FollowMe?
* Jovan never seen it before.