/me thread
* Jason L. hehehehe Toungue

* Jason L. waits for pagination
* Jason L. thinks its awesome
* euan says that the support is truly awesome
* euan asked Jason to fix the issue Jovan found earlier and he appeared pretty quickly and fixed it instantly Happy
* Jovan wonders how much Jason usually charges for custom theme?
* Jason L. says he was actually sleeping
* Jason L. then woke up
* Jason L. is scared you caught him in the act
* Jason L. money
* euan paid about $270-ish
* euan can't really remember
* Jovan says it's not too much for theme like this Happy

* Jovan welcomes Mr. J.M Happy
* JordanMussi wonders why he did not need to click the activation link on his email.
* JordanMussi thinks Euan put him in the registered usergroup.
* JordanMussi says if you haven't realised already he just signed up to this new site. Grin

* JordanMussi thanks Jovan
* JordanMussi thinks Jovan is the first MyBB staff member to sign up (discounting Euan).
* JordanMussi wonders if Jovan will be promoted to SMod??
* euan did indeed activate Jordan's account as he noticed it was still waiting while in the ACP
* Jovan is admin.
* Jovan says euan just don't know that yet Grin