1.6 Compatible: Simple Like System
(28-04-2013, 10:11 PM)euan Wrote: Yeah, that would be Wink Though you should see it on other peoples' posts when that setting is enabled.
I probably didn't explain that correctly...lol

When I enable the function, the button disappears from everywhere.

When I disable the function, the button is visible on every other post except for my own...as it should be.

I've tried it on both my test board, and my live board with the same results.

It must be conflicting with something...
Strange. The setting is enabled here and it seems to work correctly.
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I got everything going except for 'enable liking own posts'

Thanks for everything guys! This system is awesome!
Glad you like it Happy
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What do you think of my addition?

[Image: likehx.jpg]

Here's the raw image if anyone else wants to add it...

[Image: thumbsupgreen.gif]
Looks good Happy

Only quirk that I noticed is that is disappears when you or another user pushes the button again. But if you refresh the page, then it appears again. How can I stop this from happening?
Here's another image for a future installment...*fingers crossed* hehe

[Image: thumbsdownrede.gif]

This is a great little plugin, Euan!

Are we able to put a variable in the postbit to display the amount of likes someone has received? I do this on another forum using G33K's thankyoulike plugin, but I prefer this one since it's natively supported by MyAlerts.
Not at the minute, but I've been planning to add it. I just need to work out the best way to count them without adding lots of queries.