1.6 Compatible: Simple Like System
How Can I put the number of likes in forumdisplay_threadlist?
I'm afraid that is not currently a supported feature. I will look into adding it though.
(28-05-2013, 08:05 PM)euan Wrote:
SimpleLikes 1.2

New Features
  • Show number of likes a user has received in the postbit.
    This is not enabled by default. You must enable it in the settings, then add the following to the postbit(_classic) template wherever you wish to show the statistic:

    PHP Code:
    <strong>Likes Received:</strong>&nbsp;<a href="http://www.mybbstuff.com/misc.php?action=post_likes_received_by_user&user_id={$post['uid']}">{$post['likes_received']}</a

I enabled this in the settings and added this:
PHP Code:
Likes Received:&nbsp;<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=post_likes_received_by_user&user_id={$post['uid']}">{$post['likes_received']}</a

To the postbit_author_user template, but I didn't get the number of likes received.
Any idea why?
Thanks in advance
Edit: I'm using version 1.3
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You have to add it in the actual postbit template, rather than postbit_author_user as it doesn't seem to work there (an issue I need to look into actually).
Thanks Happy Now it's working as expected.

Is there a way to get the number of likes received, in the ProStats plugin ( as for the "Thank You/Like System" by G33K).

I have not used ProStats to be honest and there's no such functionality in the core.
How about a dislike option, euan. Can we get that?
I've been thinking about it. Right now I have other priorities though such as an update to MyAlerts and the long-awaited Conversation System.
/home/discussionzone/discussionzone.net/inc/languages/english/.lang.php does not exist

I get this error when accessing MyAlerts settings page. It only happens when I activate SimpleLikes.
Oh and, you don't have a:

PHP Code:

at the end of your language file.
1) Make sure you're using the latest version of MyAlerts from GitHub.

2) You don't need one. It's best practice not to have one.