1.6 Compatible: Simple Like System
Strange. Could you check the developer console in your browser when you click the button and see if any errors are logged?
No errors seem to be logged (the same thing started happening to G33K's plugin on TESOF and several others have mentioned that as well -- though he doesn't seem to actively support his plugins at the moment).

[14:45:30.572] POST http://www.tesofguilds.com/xmlhttp.php?action=like_post [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 326ms]

That's what gets displayed. And I mentioned it in my previous post, but I haven't touched any plugins or code since this started happening a few days ago.

EDIT: Completely different subject, but did you give any thought to the request about converting G33Ks likes to yours? I'd like to transfer TESOFs likes so that we can start using your plugin since I vastly prefer it over that one.
Hm. So the request is made, but it doesn't seem to do anything afterwards. Any chance you could PM me details for an admin account to test with?

Re: G33K's pluin, I plan to write a converter, I just need to find the time to do so. I've been crazy busy having started a new job and now working 7 days a week.
Thanks! I sent you the admin details via PM. And thanks for the reply about the converter as well.
Ok, I'll look into it tomorrow as I don't have time tonight to look properly.
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Oddly, it seems that the reponse data is not being parsed as JSON by the JS. Will have to push some kind of fix to GitHub probably. I can't test here though, as like and myalerts JS is completely broken here for now for some reason Sad
Yup, just confirmed that's the issue as adding this fixed the problem entirely:

PHP Code:
data JSON.parse(data); 

As a hotfix, add the above just below these lines:

PHP Code:
done(function (data) { 
Thanks, it's working great after a refresh!
Ok, I'll make a commit tonight to fix the issue.

SimpleLikes version 1.3 is now available via GitHub. This release is a maintenance release and focuses on improving existing functionality:
  • AJAX requests forced to parse as JSOn to prevent the error Tecca encountered yesterday
  • The string "and" in the like list was not translatable before. This has been fixed by adding $lang->simplelikes_and.
  • Added a "converter" folder with a converter for G33K's thankyou/like plugin. Do not keep this folder on your web server except from when actually performing an initial convert from an old system (support for other systems to come).


Version 1.3 is tagged as such on GitHub as well as being tagged as current. Download it by clicking here: https://github.com/euantorano/SimpleLike...ve/1.3.zip