[UA-PLUGINS] Messages - Desktop notifications
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Hi all,

I am here announcing UA Messages, from the new creator: UA-Plugins

This plugin sends desktop notifications to the user if there happens something on your forum. At this moment there are 4 triggers:
  • You are quoted

  • Someone replied in your topic

  • You are tagged (trough @Yourname)

  • You received a PM

When the user allows the plugin to send messages on his computer/browser, the user will receives desktop notifications trough our system.

Current languages:
  • Dutch

  • English

  • Would you like to translate it? PM me

But how does it works?

Because the plugin can not send any messages without your permission, we created a window with information and to be sure to have your permission to receive notifications: 

[Image: f3zUiS0.png]

(or http://prntscr.com/7sx5zr )

This window will only show up once. If you want to receive the message, you have to click on 'Request for messages' and get a browser-notification request:

[Image: eHyyhYW.png]

If the user allows it, the user can receive notifications/messages from the plugin. They will refresh automatically every minute.

Examples of UA Messages:

If someone quoted you:

[Image: jMV6Zml.png]

(or http://prntscr.com/7sx7tk )

If someone tagged you:

[Image: X46nhh0.png]

(or http://prntscr.com/7sx8gc )

If someone replied to your topic:

[Image: zP0WNfK.png]

(or http://prntscr.com/7sx8kn )

If you received a PM:

[Image: JC2Xecf.png]

(or http://prntscr.com/7sx90w )

Butt... The database?!?!

What about it? It could get full? Don't worry! We added a task to the tasks. When a message is not unread, the message will automatically remove himself every night:

[Image: e4XmCJN.png]

(or http://prntscr.com/7sxgnd )

And when the user did not accept the messages, when the plugin asked it on the start-screen in the beginning?

Good point, we thought about that too. We added a warning sign at the right bottom of the webpage, so that means that you can change it every minute:

[Image: UAgD6j4.png]

(or http://prntscr.com/7sx6ak )

If the member presses that button, the start screen will re-open.

But... If the member pressed first 'Request for messages' and wants to ‘Block’ it?

Well, then there will come-up a window with all the instructions, if you click the warning-sign.

So, yeah, we thought about everything!

"But, with those requests and database requests, the website will get slower!!!!!!!!!" NOPPEEHHH! NOT WITH OUR PLUGIN! The plugin uses your database as little as possible! So, no worry about that! We asked even our users on our test-forum http://devnl.nl/ (Dutch) about their speed of the website, they are saying: Nothing slowed down!

What does the plugin require?
  • jQuery

  • Javascript on

  • I guess MyBB 1.8, not sure if this plugin works too on 1.6 or lower! If someone has it, contact me, you can test it.

What does the member require?
  • A updated browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox etc., just a modern browser

But, when does it get released?

Ahh, good question! We will release this awesome plugin in a few days! You can go to our website http://ua-plugins.com/ (will get online about a few days), or like us on facebook http://facebook.com/uaplugins to see the updates that could come etc. There's even more, you can download the plugin when it gets released FOR FREE!

You can download the plugin on the MyBB Plugin website, under Miscellaneous!

Any questions or suggestions?

Do you have any questions or suggestions left? Ask or tell it here to make the plugin better! We have enough time to add some new features. Oh yeah, this is just our first plugin and many people like it, so think about our next plugins, those will even be more awesome!


Kind regards,

Jasper & Leon Vazdzihan - UA-Plugins Creators
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Nice work, congrats on the first release! Happy