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Why is there no pagination at the bottom of the page!?
Not 100% sure. That's been bugging me a bit too tbh
It's insane. Qualifies as a bug IMO
It's definitely rather annoying. I'll see if I can figure it out now.
Right, I've added it to the footer, but the alignment's slightly out. I'll keep playing with it.
Then numbers in the circles in the pagination seem to be just slightly off-center.

Also, you should go ahead and modify the footer links to contain what you want (Not sure if I caught you mid-designing).
Yeah, I have no idea what I want to put in the footer links. I only have about 3 I might add.

Re the pagination, they are in the footer and I can't quite work out why.
i'm not a pro at html either css
.pagination .pagination_current {
change the text-align to left instead of center, that should align the numbers in the middle i think
I've PMed Jason so hopefully he'll be able to fix it Happy
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Oddly when I quote a post (normal reply, I can see the quick reply anywhere) the post message is not added to the text editor area on the new page.