ShadowByte - Advanced Developing
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ShadowByte - Advanced Developing
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if you're a developer, and want to take it up a step. Join!
We'll help you become a Advanced Developer!
And as a developer, you're gonna need scripts.
You know what that means? We also leak!
We leak all kinds of scripts!

Wanna hate? Don't even try.


Got something to say about are Theme? We have permission to use it. (Bluh)
Got something to say about anything being Ripped? PM me with proof. I'll remove it.
Want us to improve/change something? PM me.
Want us to die and go to hell? To bad.
Gonna neg me because I banned you? Thought so  Grin
Got a bug? Tell us. (Alerts bug will be fixed)

Bumping ~ Thanks for supporting us!