1.6 Compatible: [Premium] Trillion - One In A Trilllion
Here are the details:

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/EyGtd

Left Scrolling Background Image In Header And Footer
Highly Customized
Custom jQuery Animations And Transitions
Latest HTML5/CSS3 Used
Less Loading Time (Due To Less Code)
DropDown 'My Account' Button With Shadow
Google Fonts
98% Of MyBB Images Replaced By FontAwesome
Common MyBB Bugs Fixed
CSS Rating Stars
CSS Buttons
CSS Polls
CSS Logo
Custom Header
Custom Postbit
Custom Footer

Price: $30 for a copy.
Demo/Questions? Skype me: androprovince
Wanna buy? https://payivy.com/v/Premium%20Trillion

EDIT: You guys can make affiliate links here: https://payivy.com/v/Premium%20Trillion/...E6assy5OlV whoever gets me a sale will get the 20% of it, you can get unlimited sales.
Looks good, any reason why it's only for 1.6?
Same question. Would have been nice if there is something for 1.8 as well. Plus a light coloured variant.
Yeah, because I really love 1.6 because there's still so many plugins and forums using 1.6 Happy
Thread updated!