Hello, MyBB Stuff community!
My real name is the same as my username and to be fair, my english it's not too good (I'm from Romania). However, I have used MyBB for quite a few years ( from 2008 ) and today I found this community following a link from Euan's signature (posted in the official MyBB community forum). He gave me some good advice there and I really appreciate it, so... I thought that will be a good thing to add www.mybbstuff.com website to my favorites.
That's all for my first post. It is a super short one, I know... but my intention was just to say "Hello!".
Welcome to the site Flavious, glad I could help Happy
Hello Flavious.
It's Flavius , not Flavious. For a second, I thought that my username is wrong. But that's not a problem, I'm always tempted to write Enuan instead of Euan. Toungue
Thank you, both! Happy
Whoops! I was even looking at your username while typing Sad Sorry!