Create Important Plugin! (Please HELP)
Hi To All.
I need a plugin for develop this plugin : Profile Comments
Can anybody create a plugin for develop this plugin ? and add this abilities:

1.can delete a specific user's all comments.

For Example: add user ID in admin cp and select users Received comments or sent comment or Both and click to run and delete selected option.

2.send a comment to all users.
For Example: write a comment and select to all users or users with 1 posts or Users have been online in this month and after click to run sent this comments to selected option.

3. Delete comments before specific times

For example: in admin cp can add the time and all comments before this time deleted. example:delete the comments prior to 2014 September 1

4. Users can Request to delete his profile comments.
For Example: in user cp and left menu options in your Profile table add a option "Request Delete Profile Comments" and after click to this option, The user writes his message and send, after send show a red notice for admin and admin after click this notice go to admin cp and user's delete comments table and select Received comments or sent comment or Both and after click to run, comments are deleted.

Can anybody create this plugin?
this very important for me. please please please HELP ME

Thanks a lot :Heart:
Honestly it might be a better idea to just write a whole new profile comments plugin. I'm not sure that one's even still maintained...
Yes a new profile comments plugin is a very good. this plugin for 2011 and not any develop in 3 years ago. if create a new plugin for profile comments many are willing to use it.

If you have time, please create this. this very important euan please.

Do you have time euan?
I'm not sure if I have time right now, but it might be something I'll create in the future. With MyBB 1.8 coming out, I have a lot more incentive to work on MyBB plugins again.