Simple Likes won't show

as from title, like system is installed (checked templates (postbit, member, simplelikes_*), plugins (pluginlibrary, myalerts, etc), but it wont. Anyone had this solution fixed?
As in the button won't show? Have you checked the user group permissions?
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Oh, didnt noticed there was a group settings, well, is fixed Grin
Happy Glad it's sorted!
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Euan, I was just trying this plugin out. What is the variable to show the number of received likes in the user details on postbit?

Scratch that - I had it in the author details template.

Now in postbit and showing fine
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Nice one, glad you got it sorted Leefish. For future reference for others, the variable is as follows:

PHP Code:
{$post['likes_received']} Likes Received 

Obviously, you can change "Likes Received" into any other string you wish to use Wink