MyBB Hook Finder
MyBB Hook Finder is a simple tool written in Ruby that can traverse a directory that contains MyBB files (be it the core of MyBB or a plugin) and output a file containing details of every found plugin hook.


Hook Finder uses Ruby to traverse files. To begin using the tool, make sure you have Ruby installed on your machine. Then, simply download the tool from GitHub (either by cloning it or downloading the zip). Once you've got the tool, using it is as simple as pointing the script to your MyBB files and telling it where to output your hook details:

./mybb_hook_finder.rb --path ~/Development/mybb --output ~/Desktop/mybb_hooks.html

The above looks at all files in the ~/Development/mybb directory and creates the file "mybb_hooks.html" on your desktop.

Example Output

MyBB Hook Finder creates a HTML file that can be opened in your internet browser. An example is also available here.

[Image: 7HK8C4b.png]


Got an issue or a suggestion? Feel free to fork this tool on GitHub.

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Version 1.0.0 has now been released. This version fixes a critical issue with the hook finder which prevented hooks with variables including underscores from being located. You can download this release here:
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Awesome! Thanks!