Great paid themes
Hey guys,
I'm looking for some premium mybb themes for my forum and I've been searching everywhere. So far the only two that have really caught my eye are
1) The theme of this forum (
2) The 'Gene' theme which was introduced in this forum as well

My question is where can I find similar elegant themes to purchase for my forum?
Audentio do some pretty good themes, or you could contact Modogodo about a custom theme depending on budget...
I checked Audentio, they had some nice themes but not exactly my taste.
Around how much would a Modogodo custom theme cost around? I need a rough estimate because I have no idea about custom themes
I can't remember exactly, but I think this one was around $300 or slightly more. I got a custom theme from Audentio not too long ago that was $400 and I remember jason being a bit cheaper.
Thanks for the info euan
I have a theme i am not using anymore.
[Image: custom_theme_humetra.jpg]

You can also have a look at the live demo: (German).

Maybe this one is interesting for you? Drop me a pn with your offer if you are interested.