Upcoming downtime
MyBB Stuff will be experiencing some brief downtime tomorrow, Sunday 8th December. This downtime is a result of my moving the site onto a different server in order to implement more aggressive blocking of bots and bad traffic.

I cannot say how long this downtime will last, but I will try to keep it brief.
Great news Happy Maybe you can also try to block some certain IP's or even countries?
That's exactly the plan. The site is currently on a shared host, but it'll be moving to my VPS where I can control that type of thing far more easily. I'll also be able to monitor traffic far more easily.
Ah, that's great. If it's not a secret where did you get VPS? WebFaction?
It's from Nimbus Hosting here in the UK. They do a top notch job Happy
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And the upgrade is now complete. Hopefully I'll be able to crack down on bots and spammers much more effectively now.

EDIT: Also re-enabled registrations, leading us to be hit with quite a large number of registrations. I've been watching the logs and filtering what I can, but here's a peek at what we've been receiving over the last hour or so:

[Image: 74jCBQh.png]
I've never heard for theme before, but they look confidentially. Seems like they're registering again, but in to so big number as before.
Yep, looks like we received a couple over the course of the day once again.
They're leading again. I think I've some idea for plugin, to prevent at least spam for posting.
Spamalyser's doing a pretty job at stopping them posting. I also have some ideas for a plugin to list all suspected spammers and their IP addresses in order to block them.