Title Polish 0.1
Demonate presents
Title Polish 0.1

A Plugin for MyBB to normalize and proper-case thread / post titles which are mixed-cased.

As I've stated in my core edit tutorial, we have a very common problem with the thread title posted by the users which often contains mix-cased letters:

haPPy nEw YEAr <- this

So, apart from that tutorial, here is a plugin for you all to give it a little flexibility.

1. If you activate the plugin and switch to on from Plugin settings; all the future title of your threads will be normalized.

[Image: zHDFFC4.png]

2. But, sometimes it is required to post mixed cases in title, say you are making a thread with a title: I love CSS, HTML & PHP. Now if the plugin is on, the title will become: I Love Css, Html & Php. To bypass that; now you can set an escape key:

[Image: CwknSLQ.png]

The escape key can be anything, but be sure using something unique which can never be the start of a thread title. Say, you have set this as escape key in ACP: xz!. Now if you write your thread title as xz!I love CSS, HTML & PHP : your title will be posted as I love CSS, HTML & PHP.

3. There is also an option to set the forums where this plugin will not work, separated by comma. It is useful for the less moderated 'anything-can-go' forums where users are allowed to perform stupidity.

[Image: jqanC7S.png]

This plugin costs $100 FREE!!! Grin

So use it and leave some feedback / suggestion for further betterment.

Download here:
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Sorry for the late response, but approved. Thanks for submitting Happy